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Master mobility with these 7 Android Enterprise sessions at Cloud Next ‘19

April 2, 2019
The Android Enterprise Team

From office professionals to front line employees in every industry, Android is powering the world’s workers by securely connecting them to the cloud.  At Google Cloud Next, happening on April 9-11 in San Francisco, CA, we’ll be presenting a number of informative breakout sessions on Android security, app building, Android Enterprise Recommended and more. We’ll also preview the upcoming version of Android.

If you plan to attend the event, here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect in some of the sessions. Click the links below to reserve your spot.

  • What’s New and Next in Android Enterprise: As Android has become the platform of choice for enterprise mobility, learn how to tackle the biggest issues facing mobility strategies today, from balancing security and privacy to providing user experience productivity boosts.

  • How Android has Redefined the Approach to Mobile Security: Android multi-layered security uses hardware and software protections and the power of machine-learning to helps protect devices at the application layer. Learn how Android has proved that open doesn’t mean unsecure, with third party validation determining that the Android platform provides the most robust security features available to enterprise.

  • Privacy & Wellbeing: A New Approach to Mobility: Companies need to earn trust and acceptance from employees. Learn how Android Enterprise features were built with employees in mind, delivering industry-leading privacy and digital wellbeing features.

  • Beyond the smartphone: New Use Cases for Android: Android has a device for every task and use case. Learn how dedicated devices are being used and managed across industries, often as part of a broader device fleet, to transform workflows, improve data sharing, and increase productivity.

For more on what to expect at Google Cloud Next ‘19, take a look at the session list, and register if you haven’t already. We’ll see you there.

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