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We Are Sunsetting Apigee API BaaS

May 18, 2018
Alex White

During the 18 months that Apigee has been a part of Google, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort thinking about how all of the technologies and products within Google can help Apigee customers.

When we launched Apigee API BaaS (based on the open source Apache Usergrid) in 2012, we were solving for an array of challenges for mobile app developers within one product. Now that we’re part of Google Cloud Platform, customers can take advantage of a variety of best-in-class, widely adopted technologies for each of the use cases that Apigee API BaaS addressed (some users are already exploring this).

GCP products, including Cloud Firestore, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, and Firebase Cloud Messaging, provide a range of solutions that go well-beyond the capabilities of Apigee API BaaS.

So we’ve decided to sunset Apigee API BaaS. We'll continue to operate and support Apigee API BaaS until June 30, 2019, for our Public Cloud customers. Apigee will also continue to support the version of Apigee API BaaS in Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.01 until June 30, 2019. We'll release additional details and tools next month to help our API BaaS customers with the transition.

We’re excited to see how Apigee customers will use our API management platform and other Google technologies to build and deliver better applications and experiences for their end users.

Please share any comments or ask any questions in the Apigee Community, or contact Apigee Support.

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