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6 can’t-miss Chrome Enterprise sessions at Next ‘19

April 1, 2019
The Chrome Enterprise Team

Access to cloud-first tools and devices help employees to work faster and be more productive. This year at Next ‘19, we’ll be exploring the different ways businesses can enable a more secure, connected workforce with Chrome OS and Chrome Browser. Here are six sessions you don’t want to miss.

1. Changing End User Computing: Seven Facts You Should Know About Chrome Enterprise
Chrome OS was built on the foundations of Chrome Browser nearly a decade ago, bringing speed, simplicity, and security to end-user computing. And while it’s seen massive success in areas like education, plus growing traction with enterprise customers, misperceptions still remain. Join us to debunk some common myths about Chrome OS, and learn more about Google’s vision for end-user productivity tools in the years to come.

2. Manage Chrome Browser from the Cloud
Looking for a simplified way to manage your browsers across Mac, Windows, and Linux? Chrome Browser Cloud Management allows enterprises to manage browsers right from the cloud, making it easy to set and enforce policies and report on browser information. Get best practices and learn how to get started in this demo-rich session.

3. Turn Your Frontline Workers Into Cloud Workers With Chrome Enterprise
From retail assistants to clinical caregivers to customer service, frontline workers are the largest and most influential workforce segment—yet they don’t always have access to the right cloud-first tools. Providing frontline workers with cloud-native solutions can mean greater collaboration and engagement, process efficiencies, and insights for better decision-making. We’ll be sharing best practices from both our customers and from inside Google so you can learn how to cloud-power your frontline workforce.

4. How Google IT Manages Enterprise Extensions
Chrome’s ecosystem of extensions offer a great web experience for enterprise users, but IT teams are often looking for guidance on how to better manage extensions in their environment. Attend this session to learn about new enhancements in extension management for enterprises. Also hear about Google IT’s approach to managing extensions with respect to risk security and privacy.

5. Keeping Your Business Safe in a Cloud World: Chrome Enterprise's Innovative Approach to Endpoint Security
Now more than ever, enterprises are being targeted by malicious attacks, and ensuring they have the right tools to keep their data secure is a top priority. This session will give you an overview of security on Chrome devices and how to make them a part of your endpoint strategy.

6. Making Chrome Your Primary Browser
Many enterprises want to standardize on a modern browser, but aren’t sure where to start. In this session, a major healthcare insurance provider will share their best practices for rolling out Chrome Browser in their organization. They’ll dive into the process they underwent to evaluate and replace their legacy browser across many teams, and how they now better utilize Chrome's management and security functionality.

In addition to being packed full of useful content, many of our sessions will feature customers that will share their first-hand experiences with Chrome Enterprise in their organizations. For more on what to expect at Google Cloud Next ‘19, take a look at the session list, and register if you haven’t already. We’ll see you there.

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