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Optimize Security and Productivity, Starting with the Browser: Insights from New Report

March 21, 2024
Mark Berschadski

Director, Product Management, Chrome Enterprise

Optimize Security and Productivity, Starting with the Browser: Insights from New Report

The browser is increasingly becoming the central place to get work done, fueled by cloud computing, SaaS, and the growth of flexible work. Start-ups and large organizations are embracing this model, eliminating the necessity for constant connection to a corporate network and utilizing desktop operating systems to run applications. This shift marks a significant departure from traditional work setups, but introduces new challenges, such as cybersecurity threats and incidents.

To address these challenges, the browser should serve as the cornerstone of a business’s security strategy. A recent report by Enterprise Strategy Group, " Assessing Enterprise Browser Market Dynamics: Why Organizations Are Turning to Enterprise Browsers to More Effectively Secure Modern Work Styles,” confirms this with key findings:

  • Knowledge workers spend an average of 63% of their productive time in the browser
  • Nearly half (48%) of all business-critical applications are now browser-based
  • Users desire seamless experiences across work and personal devices
  • 50% of respondents prefer enterprise browser solutions from widely-used vendors
  • Chrome Enterprise has the most mindshare as an enterprise browser (78%)

These trends underscore the urgent need for enterprise-grade browser solutions designed for today's workplace, where traditional security perimeter models are no longer sufficient.

With Chrome Enterprise, we’ve spent over a decade developing browser solutions for businesses that are purpose-built, secure by default and adaptable to dynamic work environments. This work led us to create a cloud-based browser management tool that empowers IT and security teams to centralize management and protect company data, without compromising workforce productivity – all within an easy-to-use interface and customizable policies tailored to your organization's specific needs.

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, staying ahead is crucial. Keep tabs on enterprise browser developments and security tactics with Chrome Enterprise updates. Get your complimentary report now.

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