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How to get remote workers up and running quickly and securely with Chrome Enterprise

April 16, 2020
Robert DeVito

Global Director, Customer & Partner Sales Engineering

Mike Daoust

Managing Director, Chrome Enterprise Customer Team

Shifting to a remote workforce is an important way businesses and organizations have supported their communities in response to COVID-19. But ensuring workers have remote access to the apps and data they need can be challenging, and in the rush to deploy devices quickly, many businesses worry about threats to security.

A number of businesses have rapidly deployed Chromebooks to address these challenges. Chrome Enterprise’s cloud-based management helps IT teams enroll and manage devices remotely, and its multiple layers of security provide proactive protection against threats. And with access to cloud-based or legacy apps, employees can stay productive from home. Here are a few stories we’ve heard:

  • A city government that deployed over 2,000 Chromebooks in three days to give city employees access to business-critical apps including Microsoft Office 365.

  • A financial services company that provided secure access to customer data by deploying over 11,000 Chromebooks with access to legacy apps through Citrix.

  • A technology company that provided 2,600 call center employees with Chromebooks and access to RingCentral to help customers from home.

We want to help make it easier for businesses—and the IT teams that support them—to equip workers with the tools they need, even while working from home. Today, we released two new videos and a customer remote work toolkit to help.

Keep business running, even when working from home discusses the benefits of Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Browser. How to get started deploying Chrome devices to remote workers quickly walks you through the deployment steps including how to sign up, enroll devices, and manage devices using the Google Admin console; it also offers a few policy best practices for remote workers.

Many businesses are evaluating a strategy for quickly connecting remote workers; for those that need to get started right away with a Chrome deployment, we’ve created a remote work toolkit. It includes:

  • A quick-start deployment guide with videos to help guide you through the process.

  • Information on VDI partners and how to get started.

  • A guide to give IT support through the Chrome Remote Desktop.

  • Additional resources that provide technical information about deployment.

We hope these resources can help businesses as they face the challenges of supporting their remote workers. To learn more, watch the videos, or download the toolkit.

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