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Kubernetes Podcast in 2019: year-end recap

December 20, 2019
Craig Box

Co-host, Kubernetes Podcast

Adam Glick

Co-host, Kubernetes Podcast

At the Kubernetes Podcast, we bring you a weekly round-up of cloud-native news, accompanied by an in-depth interview with a community member. As we publish our 50th and final episode for 2019, it's time to look back on some of our favorite moments from the year.

This year, we stepped out of the studio. We hosted a live recording at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco, as well as listener meetups at KubeCon EU in Barcelona and KubeCon NA in San Diego. There's nothing more gratifying to us than having someone come up to you at a conference and tell you that they enjoy your show, or even ask after the family of foxes you mentioned were living in your backyard.  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came by, or stopped us in the hallways.

Open source reaches all corners of the world, and we’ve been amazed at all the listeners who have joined the podcast community from around the globe. Every now and then we send out stickers by post: they've gone to dozens of countries on almost every continent. (We’re still waiting for a listener to reach out from Antarctica!) Thank you to our wonderful audience, who has let us know how much we’re helping them connect with and learn about the Kubernetes community. We are truly grateful to you for listening.

Serious dedication tweeted to us from one podcast listener

We would like to share some of our most popular episodes from 2019:

  • Kubernetes Failure Stories, with Henning Jacobs (episode 38): To have the best chance for success, it helps to learn from failures. After experiencing some of his own, Henning was inspired to start collecting the failure stories of others.

  • Ingress, with Tim Hockin (episode 41): A proud parent of the Kubernetes project, Tim is a 15-year Googler and designer of large parts of the Kubernetes networking and storage stack—an obvious extension of his years of work on the Linux kernel.

  • Live at Google Cloud Next, with Eric Brewer (episode 49): In our first live show, Eric joined us to talk about his history in building infrastructure for search, the CAP theorem, and announcing Kubernetes to the world.

  • KeyBank, with Gabe Jaynes (episode 51): Banks aren’t always terminals and mainframes. The smart ones, like KeyBank, are Kubernetes and mainframes! Gabe's team worked with Google Cloud as a design partner.

  • Istio 1.2, with Louis Ryan (episode 58): Louis has been working on API infrastructure and service mesh at Google for 10 years. He talked about the history of Istio, its design decisions, and its future goals.

  • Attacking and Defending Kubernetes, with Ian Coldwater (episode 65): Learn how to protect your container infrastructure from Ian: they are paid to attack it, and a popular conference speaker on the topic.

  • CRDs, API Machinery and Extensibility, with Daniel Smith (episode 73): Another long-time Kubernetes contributor, Daniel joined the project before it was open-sourced, and leads both the open-source and Google teams who build CRDs and other extensibility features.

  • Kubernetes 1.17, with Guinevere Saenger (episode 83): Our penultimate episode for the year is an interview with the Release Team lead for the new Kubernetes 1.17. Learn how Guinevere went from being a concert pianist to a software engineer and leading a team of over 30 to produce the final Kubernetes release of 2019.

If you have a break over the holidays, why not subscribe and enjoy one episode or many?  For those who can't listen, or prefer not to, we also offer a transcript of each episode on its page at kubernetespodcast.com.

We're going to take a two-week break over the holiday period, but we'll be back in your ears in January!

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