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Build, Hack and Learn at the 2023 Looker Hackathon

November 29, 2023
Jeremy Chang

Developer Relations Engineer

Join us at Google Cloud Next

Coming to Las Vegas, April 9–11.


Stop, visualize and listen, our Looker hackathon is back with a brand new edition.

This December 5th, we are kicking off Looker Hackathon 2023, a virtual two day event for developers, innovators and data scientists to collaborate, build, learn and inspire each other, as you design new innovative applications, tools and data experiences on Looker and Looker Studio. The best and most exciting entry will be awarded the title of “Best Hack”.

At the event, you can expect to:

  • Meet and team up with your developer community and Google Cloud Innovators
  • Gain hands-on experience and learn about the latest Looker capabilities
  • Meet and talk to Google Cloud engineers and staff, and possibly play some trivia too
  • Turn your idea into reality and have fun along the way

Register today on our website and see official rules and requirements. For further inspiration, be sure to see the top entries from our 2022 hackathon and explore the innovative possibilities with the Looker family, including Looker Extensions, Actions, Embedding, API, open-source tools, and Looker Studio Community Connectors, Community Visualizations, and more.

Come hack with us. See you on December 5th.

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