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Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL updated with new extensions

August 10, 2017
Greg Wilson

Director, Developer Advocacy

Among relational databases, PostgreSQL is the open-source solution of choice for a wide range of workloads. Back in March, we added support for PostgreSQL in Cloud SQL, our managed database service, with a limited set of features and extensions. Since then, we’ve been amazed by your interest, with many of you taking the time to suggest desired PostgreSQL extensions on the Issue Tracker and the Cloud SQL discussion group. This feedback has resulted in us adding the following 19 extensions, across four categories:

  • PostGIS: better support for geographic applications
  • Data type: a variety of new data types
  • Language: enhanced functionality with new processing languages
  • Miscellaneous: text search, cryptographic capabilities and integer aggregators, to name but a few
An extension is a piece of software that adds functionality, often data types and procedural languages, to PostgreSQL itself. If you already have a Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL database instance running, you can enable one or more of these extensions.

We're continuing our journey with PostgreSQL on Cloud SQL. As we prepare for general availability, we’re working on automatic failover for high availability, read replicas, additional extensions and precise restores with point-in-time recovery. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your feedback and please keep it coming on the Issue Tracker and in the Cloud SQL discussion group! Your input helps shape the future of Cloud SQL and all Google Cloud products.

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