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IoT is now easier with Particle and Google Cloud Platform

September 27, 2016
Preston Holmes

Product Manager

Building IoT products and solutions involves stitching together a whole range of complex technologies, from devices to applications. With a new direct integration between Particle, an IoT cloud platform and hardware provider, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you can now easily bring that data to big data tools such as Google Cloud Dataflow, our batch and streaming big data processing service; Google BigQuery, our managed data analytics warehouse and others.

A growing list of devices support the Particle platform, making it easy for organizations developing IoT applications to manage devices, perform firmware updates and acquire and send field data to the internet through a range of connectivity options.

You can now connect to GCP from the Particle platform developer console.

To begin, connect your Particle project to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic. Cloud Pub/Sub lets you decouple the device data ingest stream from different downstream subscribers, durably storing the data in as it arrives for up to seven days while it's processed. By granting limited permissions to Particle to publish to a specific Cloud Pub/Sub topic, you can properly isolate the data ingest portion of your IoT application. You can then use Cloud DataFlow to operate on a multi-device, time-windowed stream of events in near-real-time, or dispatch and store this data to a number of storage options. For example, storing data long-term in BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage lets you affordably record a long history of device information, against which you can later perform various analytics or train machine learning models to make scenario-based decisions. You can then call Particle Cloud APIs to take action on devices back in the world.

With this integration, we believe developers and product builders will be able to bring production-quality products to market faster, blending the Particle device ecosystem and platform with GCP's scalable and innovative data solutions. To get started, check out the tutorial on the Particle website and connect device data directly to your GCP project today.

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