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Get a head start on 2024 with AI and more at Google Cloud Security Talks

October 13, 2023
Ruchika Mishra

Product Marketing, Google Cloud

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October marks the 20th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the perfect time to hold Google Cloud Security Talks, our quarterly digital event on all things security.

On October 25, we’ll bring together experts from Google Cloud and the broader Google security community to share insights, best practices, and ways to help increase resilience against modern risks and threats.

We’ll kick things off with a keynote session on the overall state of Google Security with Royal Hansen, vice president, Privacy, Safety and Security Engineering. Hansen will provide Google’s perspective and insight on two topics that are top of mind for almost every organization today: using AI to enhance security and securing AI from attacks.

He’ll be followed by sessions on the latest threat intel, and how AI — specifically Google Cloud Security AI Workbench and Duet AI — can help address pervasive and fundamental security challenges: the exponential growth in threats, the toil it takes for security teams to achieve desired outcomes, and the chronic shortage of security talent.

You will also hear from experts on how Google red teams are ensuring Pixel, AI systems, and more stay secure, and learn about all the latest Google Cloud Security product innovations. We want you to walk away with a better understanding of today’s threat actors and potential attack vectors, and fresh ideas for detecting, investigating, and responding to threats faster.

Here’s a quick peek at the insightful sessions you can look forward to on our agenda:

Cloud security threat briefing with Mandiant: Learn how the threat landscape is shifting and how to be more proactive in defense by understanding how the tactics, techniques and procedures are evolving to include cloud infrastructure.

Reduce exposures before threat actors exploit them: Explore how security teams can be better prepared to defend against attacks with a continuous program of identifying and remediating threats and exposures.

A blueprint for modern security operations: Learn how organizations can combine reactive and proactive techniques, gain context into threat actor activity, and leverage AI as a force multiplier to keep themselves safer.

Supercharging defenders with Security AI Workbench and Duet AI: Explore ways you can use generative AI to protect your organizations from cyberattacks with an overview of Google Cloud Security AI Workbench and Duet AI, and how they can help defenders like you address threat overload, toilsome tools, and the cyber workforce skills gap.

Work safer with new Zero Trust and digital sovereignty controls in Google Workspace:

Learn how to enable safer work in your organization with Google Workspace. We will show you how our cloud-native, Zero Trust architecture and Google AI help prevent account takeovers, enforce contextual access, and prevent data loss.

Why red teams play a central role in helping organizations secure AI systems: Discuss what red teaming is in the context of AI systems and why it’s important; what types of attacks AI red teams simulate; and lessons we have learned that we can share with you.

Over the air, under the radar: Attacking and securing the Pixel modem: Hear examples of over-the-air (OTA) remote code execution (RCE) attacks and how the Android Red Team works closely with both internal and external partners to secure the modem implementation for millions of devices by implementing additional hardening and security mitigations in the modem code, and also evangelized the development of a fuzzing program within the manufacturer's organization.

Still need one last reason to join us? Security Talks is 100% digital and free to attend — so make sure you sign up now to grab a virtual front-row seat to learn about our latest insights and solutions. We look forward to seeing you on October 25.

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