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Increasing trust in your cloud: security sessions at Next ‘19

April 1, 2019
The Google Cloud Trust and Security team

Google Cloud Next ‘19 promises to be chock-full of learning opportunities across all areas of cloud technology. If security will be your focus for Next ‘19, we’ve got you covered.

This year’s security spotlight session is your best bet to get a big-picture look at how security works across Google Cloud, and here are a few other can’t-miss talks from the more than 30 security sessions to check out while you’re at Next ‘19.

1. Google Cloud: Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance
These two topics are the goal of many security practices. This session will cover the latest trends in data protection and regulatory compliance and tools to address these needs. You’ll learn how Google Cloud handles these particular security challenges. This related session will offer specifics on risk management and compliance for healthcare companies in particular.

2. Comprehensive Protection of PII in GCP
No matter your industry, you need to treat personally identifiable information (PII) with care. In this session, Scotiabank’s platform VP will share the company’s cloud-native approach to protecting PII in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The session will cover their considerations around access and bank application reidentification.

3. Shared Responsibility: What This Means for You as a CISO
The shared responsibility model is foundational to understanding cloud security, and you’ll learn more in this session about how security responsibility gets divided between customers and providers.

4. Who Protects What? Shared Security in GKE
If you’re running Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or thinking about it, this session can help you further understand the shared responsibility model in a containerized world, and specifically what that means for GKE security. The session will cover how Google secures GKE clusters and offers tips on how you can further harden your GKE workloads.

5. Enhance Your Security Posture with Cloud Security Command Center
Take a look under the hood of Cloud Security Command Center to see how it delivers centralized visibility into your GCP assets. It helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats and works with partner solutions.

6. Detecting Threats in Logs at Cloud Scale
Learn about how you can take advantage of Google’s threat intelligence capabilities. In this session, you’ll hear about recent threats and see how GCP services can help detect them.

7. Identifying and Protecting Sensitive Data in the Cloud: The Latest Innovations in Cloud DLP
We know that data privacy in today’s world is absolutely essential, and a key part of any company’s security practices. In this session, you’ll hear about the latest capabilities in Google Cloud’s Data Loss Prevention product and get some tips on protecting your sensitive data.

8. How Airbnb Secured Access to Their Cloud With Context-Aware Access
This session will show how Google’s BeyondCorp security model works in practice, and how Airbnb uses it to protect its apps. BeyondCorp uses identity and context instead of the corporate network as a perimeter, resulting in stronger security, broader access, and better user experiences.

9. Minimizing Insider Risk From Cloud Provider Administrators
Insider risk is a common concern when moving to a cloud provider. You have to be sure you can trust what your provider is doing with your data and that there are proper administrative controls in place. In this session, you’ll see how Access Transparency and Access Approval work in GCP, and how to set these controls up to get more visibility and control in the cloud.

10. Applying Machine Learning and Analytics to Security in GCP
See how machine learning and data analytics help underpin Google Cloud’s security efforts. These modern tools help navigate the security complexities of cloud environments by pulling information together to make good decisions. The result is cloud security that saves time and reduces risk.  

11. Preventing Data Exfiltration on GCP
A robust cloud security strategy includes minimizing opportunities for data exfiltration. Check this session out to get the details on connecting securely to GCP services, and how to configure a deployment that isolates and protects your resources. You’ll also see how networking and security products work together for strong security.

12. Twitter's GCP Architecture for Its Petabyte-Scale Data Storage in Cloud Storage and User Identity Management
Security needs to scale as a cloud deployment grows. This session with Twitter shows a real-life example of organizing, managing and securing petabytes of data with a hybrid cloud model. You’ll get a look at user-management tooling that manages account access and hear some of Twitter’s security lessons learned.

13. A Use-Case Based, Demo-Led Approach to G Suite Security
Take a look at some security use cases that can be solved in G Suite. You’ll see new products and view demos based around real issues, such as what to do when detecting phishing, finding a device is compromised, or seeing who’s sharing outside of your organization.

14. Protections From Bleeding Edge Phishing, Malware Attacks
Phishing, malware, scams and impersonation attacks are getting more sophisticated. Here’s a look at how G Suite can protect you and your users from these attacks, and ways to configure G Suite for real-time link scanning and anomalous file type blocking.

For more on what to expect at Google Cloud Next ‘19, take a look at the session list here, and register here if you haven’t already. We’ll see you there!

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