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Manage logs from multiple clouds and on-premises workloads together

May 8, 2020
Craig Lee

Chief Systems Architect, Blue Medora

Mary Koes

Product Manager, Google Cloud

We’ve heard from our customers that you need visibility into metrics and logs from Google Cloud, other clouds, and on-prem in one place. Google Cloud has partnered with Blue Medora to bring you a single solution to save time and money in managing your logs in a single place. 

Google Cloud’s operations management suite gives you the same scalable core platform that powers all internal and Google Cloud observability. Adding Blue Medora’s software, BindPlane, helps collect the metrics and logs and push them into the open APIs that form our core observability platform. This solution is now generally available and comes at no additional cost for Google Cloud users.

Eastbound Tech, a U.S.-based IT consulting company focused on infrastructures and databases, replaced their six-figure security information and event management (SIEM) solution. “The Blue Medora and Cloud Logging solution has allowed me to gather signals from a really diverse environment and see them in a single pane of glass,” says founder and CEO Timothy Wright. “This has saved us significant money and effort otherwise spent on managing additional tools and open source solutions.” 

How BindPlane Logs for Cloud Logging works

Getting started with BindPlane Logs is simple. Once a log source is ingested into Cloud Logging, you can view and search through the raw log data and create metrics off of those log files just like logs collected from Google Cloud. You can use all the features of Google Cloud’s operations management suite, including viewing logs in real time in the Cloud Console or through log-based metrics to view logs and metrics side by side and alert on logs. (Using BindPlane Logs has no additional charge over logs collected from within Google Cloud.)

The BindPlane Logs agent is deployed via a single-line install command for Windows and Linux and a YAML file for Kubernetes to shorten the time it takes to get data streaming into Cloud Logging. The BindPlane Logs agent is based on Fluentd. For collection and parsing, your existing Fluentd input configuration can be shared between the Cloud Logging agent and the BindPlane log agent. BindPlane’s centralized collection simplifies updates and configuration changes, saving time as you update your agents from a central remote location all at once. BindPlane includes deployment templates to reduce the time it takes to deploy a log agent with the same source and destination configurations to clustered applications.

Managing Blue Medora’s BindPlane logs for Google Cloud Logging.

BindPlane log sources 

BindPlane for Cloud Logging today supports more than 50 log sources, including Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat, NGINX, Palo Alto Networks, and more. Check out the BindPlane documentation page to see more supported resources.

Learn more about BindPlane Logs for Cloud Logging and register to use these logs at no additional charge. You can also our joint webinar with Blue Medora for a detailed demonstration.

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