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Explore Anthos with a sample deployment

April 29, 2020
Aurelie Fonteny

Product Manager

Tony Pujals

JavaScript Developer Advocate

Last week, we announced important updates to Anthos, our multi-cloud application management platform. Many of you reached out to find out how you could try Anthos, out today so we’re sharing the Anthos Sample Deployment on Google Cloud, a simple way to explore the platform and its components.

Available from the Google Cloud Marketplace, you can now launch a test environment with multiple clusters and various Anthos components. It also includes a sample microservices application that runs in a multi-cluster Kubernetes environment, so you can explore all of Anthos’ advanced capabilities.

Launch Anthos Sample Deployment from the Google Cloud Marketplace

The Anthos Sample Deployment launches in a new Google Cloud project under your account, and includes a tutorial that features the new Anthos UI. With this sample deployment, you can learn about the core Anthos components, including:

  • Certified Kubernetes that provides production-grade orchestration of your containerized applications

  • Configuration management tools that use a modern GitOps approach to keep your production environment synchronized with your desired state, as stored under version control

  • A service mesh to manage, and secure, internal service-to-service network communications 

  • A set of integrated dashboard tools, including service level objective (SLO) monitoring and alerting, that provide rich insight into application performance

The sample deployment is currently available on Google Cloud but the full Anthos offering will let you build and manage your modern application workloads running wherever your enterprise needs them—in Google Cloud, in other clouds, on-premises, and in various hybrid combinations!

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Now is the ideal time to explore Anthos on Google Cloud, as it’s free of charge for up to 100 vCPUs per month through June 30, 2020 for non-production use. You are only responsible for your own infrastructure costs, such as Compute Engine, Cloud Logging, and Cloud Monitoring. We invite you to watch the following short video and then head over to the tutorial. Launch a sample deployment today and explore Anthos for yourself.

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