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Spreading a whole lot of developer love with a little help from Innovators Plus

February 14, 2023
Ashley Willis

Head of Developer Community, Google Cloud

Forrest Brazeal

Head of Developer Media

A love poem from Google Cloud Innovators Plus

Try Google Cloud

Start building on Google Cloud with $300 in free credits and 20+ always free products.

Free trial

Roses are red, love songs are haunting,
But learning the cloud can be lonely and daunting.
So scale up your “you”; upgrade to an “us”
When you access your benefits in Innovators Plus.

OK, not exactly Shakespeare. But seriously: we love our developers - every day, in fact - and what better time to say it than Valentine’s Day?

Spreading some love through Innovators Plus 

The Innovators Plus annual subscription lets you save up to 80% on the retail value of the benefits it includes. Better than a heart-shaped box of chocolates, right? Designed for the technical practitioners and developers we adore, Innovators Plus offers access to the entire catalog of Google Cloud Skills Boost on-demand training, up to $1,000 Google Cloud credits, a certification voucher, special access to Google Cloud experts and execs, live learning events and more, for $299/year. . . What’s not to love?

Get started with Innovators Plus today. 

Love notes from Innovators Plus subscribers 
Violets aren’t yellow, neither are phlox,
But go earn a cert and see what it unlocks.
Five hundred dollars in extra cloud credits?
Brag about that on your favorite subreddits.

Some of our subscribers are already feeling the love for Innovators Plus and have made the most of the $500 Google Cloud credits for interesting data projects, hands-on learning and the certification exam vouchers.  Even better, Martin and Jeff have become Google Cloud certified and unlocked the additional bonus $500 Google Cloud credits. 

Martin Coombes, a web developer from PageHub Design, is a new Innovators Plus subscriber and has already become certified as a Cloud Digital Leader. That means he’s been able to unlock the bonus $500 of Google Cloud credit benefit to use on his next project.

Love note Martin

“For me, purchasing the annual subscription was a no brainer. The #InnovatorsPlus benefits more than pay back the investment and I’ve managed to get my first Google Cloud certification within a week using the amazing Google Cloud Skills Boost learning resources. I’m looking forward to further progressing my knowledge of Google Cloud products.”

Jeff Zemerick has been able to achieve his Professional Cloud Database certification using the voucher and Google Cloud credits from Innovators Plus to help him prepare.

Love note Jeff

“I was preparing for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Database exam and the exam voucher was almost worth it by itself. I used some of the $500 cloud credits to prepare for the exam by learning about some of the Google Cloud services where I felt I might need more hands-on experience.”

Jochen Kirstätter, a Google Developer Expert and Champion Innovator, is using the subscription to prepare for his next Google Cloud Professional certification exam, and has found the labs and courses on Google Cloud Skills Boost have helped him feel ready to go get certified.

Love note Jochen

“‘The only frontiers are in your mind’ - with the benefits of #InnovatorsPlus I can explore more services and practice real-life scenarios intensively for another Google Cloud Professional certification.”

Rendy Junior, Head of Data at Ruangguru and a Champion Innovator, has already been able to apply the credits to an interesting data analysis project he’s working on.

Love note Rendy

“I used the Google Cloud credits to explore new features and data technology in DataPlex. I tried features such as governance federation and data governance whilst data is located in multiple places, even in different clouds. I also tried DataPlex data cataloging; I ran a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) inspection and fed the tag where data is sensitive into the DataPlex catalog. The credits enable me to do real world hands-on testing which is definitely helpful towards preparing for certification too.”

There’s no better way to sum it up than in rhyme:

Roses are red, violets are blue
You can study and build and get certification vouchers too
For an annual cost of just $299…
So Google Cloud Innovators Plus - BE MINE!

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