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Hybrid & Multicloud

Happening hybrid cloud sessions at Next ‘19 (and how you can register)

April 3, 2019
The Hybrid Cloud and Containers Team

Even if your workloads and apps can't fully migrate to the cloud for your unique business reasons, you can still take full advantage of Google's innovative technology. Containers and Kubernetes underpin any modern hybrid cloud strategy, and Google's Cloud Services Platform (CSP) brings the best of these technologies to your datacenter.

At Google Cloud Next ‘19 this year, we're offering more than 45 sessions on topics ranging from adapting your existing application to a hybrid cloud environment to building, running, and managing microservices both on-prem and in the cloud.

If you’re joining us at the event, don’t forget to mark these specific sessions to hear from the folks who helped originate CSP:

1. Bringing the Cloud to You: Join us in this spotlight session after our day-one keynote to learn about one of our big announcements at Next this year. This spotlight session will show you how services built on Kubernetes and Istio will bring the efficiency, speed, and scale of cloud to you. We’ll show you how these tools and technologies can help you build reliable, secure, and high-performing cloud services for today and the future.

2. Fireside Chat with Eric Brewer: Hear the latest from the person who introduced Kubernetes to the world almost five years ago. Eric is Vice President of Infrastructure at Google Cloud and has been working on Google's cluster and compute infrastructure since 2011. This session is presented by the Kubernetes Podcast from Google, a weekly news and interview show with insight from the Kubernetes community.

While you’re at it, here’s a list of must-see hybrid cloud and container sessions, as well as sessions on how to modernize your application developments. Be sure to register by clicking the links below to reserve your spot—seats are filling up fast!

  • Managing Applications The Kubernetes Way
    Ever wonder how it is to write applications that manage other applications? In this session, we will show you how to build custom Kubernetes controllers for managing your applications. We’ll also share best practices based on Google’s experience of managing large-scale workloads.

  • Using GKE On-Prem to Manage Kubernetes in Your Datacenter
    We'll explore how customers can best leverage GKE On-Prem and CSP to manage a true hybrid environment. We'll walk through common use cases for GKE On-Prem and then deep dive into the tech stack. We'll also walk through how to install GKE On-Prem into your vSphere environment and to manage the cluster from Google Cloud.

  • Next Generation CI/CD with GKE and Tekton
    Deciding on a CI/CD system for Kubernetes can be a frustrating experience—there are a gazillion to choose from, and traditional systems were built before Kubernetes existed. We’ve teamed up with industry leaders to build a standard set of components, APIs and best practices for cloud native, CI/CD systems. Through examples and demos, we will show off new, Kubernetes-native resources that can be used to get your code from source to production with a modern development workflow that works in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Onramp to Istio: An Adoption Story
    This session will take you through the journey of a customer in EMEA who has implemented Istio in production. We will start from the problems that led them to service mesh in the first place. We will discuss the decisions they made as they planned and started their implementation. Finally, we'll talk about how Istio has changed their day-to-day life and what the benefits have been.

  • Bringing Your Kubernetes Clusters to GCP
    Congratulations, you've successfully rolled out Kubernetes across your organization and you're now running clusters in places you never thought was possible. How do you begin to corral those clusters to see what's going on? In this talk, we'll show you how to get visibility into your workloads and to take advantage of Google Cloud.

Lastly, we know hybrid cloud is top of mind, so we’re bringing you more ways to engage with us face-to-face to answer any burning questions. Check out these on-site attractions in Moscone South.

  • DevZone:  Stop by DevZone and meet the developers behind the cloud products you use everyday. It’s open to all attendees and located in between the keynote floor and the showcase.

  • Google Cloud Next Showcase: Join us at the Showcase to see what we’ve been up to over the past year.

  • The Cloud Lab: Discuss strategy or ask questions with Google Cloud experts one-on-one. When you arrive at Next, be sure to reserve your meeting time by going to The Cloud Lab as space is limited. You can do so in the DevZone.

To learn more about these sessions, or to register, visit the Next ‘19 website. See you in San Francisco!

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