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Day 3 at Next ‘19: A look back at an amazing week

April 11, 2019
The Google Cloud content marketing team

30,000+ attendees. 500+ sessions. 400+ customer speakers. And many thousands of conversations, new ideas, and cloud tips learned. We were thrilled to host the biggest Next yet with all of you. Before we close out Next ‘19, let’s take a final look at everything that happened this week.

Next ’19 in pictures

What we learned this week

With more than 500 spotlights, breakout sessions, panels, and bootcamps, we covered everything from genomic analyses on GCP to leading with an equality mindset—and you can already find recordings of many of our sessions online right now.

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More session recordings can be found on Next OnAir, or you can check out our Google Cloud, GCP, and G Suite YouTube channels for the latest. And be sure to check back in with the Google Cloud blog in the coming weeks for more in-depth coverage of our sessions.

Building the cloud community

We heard from so many customers about all the innovative, interesting ways that they’re using with Google Cloud. Banks, retailers, healthcare organizations and more are building new apps and moving legacy servers to cloud, all with the goal of serving users better and faster. Here’s what we heard during the conference.

"We gather and analyze more than a billion data points every day, including package weight, shape, the size of our packages, as well as the location, the facility capacity we have across the network, and customer data. Google technology allows us to perform analytics on this massive data set while providing the platform and the capability to run different machine learning models across all of this data. The outcome for us is really critical—it helps us make more targeted operational adjustments, minimizing the forecast uncertainty that comes with the unforgiving demands of e-commerce. The more real-time data we can get about the state of a package, the better visibility we can get into potential challenges, and ultimately, the better we can serve you, our customers.” —Juan Perez, CIO, UPS

“The beauty of G Suite is there are no revisions. When you see an error, you fix it. When you’re operating on those platforms, when you’re done, you’re done. When you can collaborate that way and share in that fashion, you really increase the speed at which you can get things to market.” —Mike Heim, Corp VP & CIO, Whirlpool

“Google came to the table and made us rethink everything we knew, and brought a software engineering mindset to the table that really made us rethink. Google has been around for a long period of time now, it's not a startup anymore, but they still move at speed and move with an agility mindset. And that really made us start to think that we can do different things. The work approach that Google brought was really a shift in our culture.” —Andrew Zitney, SVP & CTO, McKesson Technology

What’s Next?

Next ‘19 in San Francisco is a wrap, but it’s coming soon in other parts of the world. Keep an eye out for more on Next in Tokyo from Jul 31-Aug 1 and in London from Nov 19-21. We hope to see you there.

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