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Empowering Salesforce customers with Google Cloud AI

April 10, 2019
Adam Champy

Senior Product Manager, Contact Center AI and Dialogflow

Shantanu Misra

Senior Product Manager, Google Cloud

Two years ago, we announced our strategic partnership with Salesforce to deliver intelligent, collaborative, and personalized experiences to our customers. By bringing together the best of Salesforce’s and Google Cloud’s capabilities, we have an opportunity to provide transformative end user experiences while increasing operational efficiency for our customers through improvements in areas like contact centers, telephony systems and automated support systems. At Next ’19, we’re highlighting new integrations with Salesforce to do just that.

Adding Dialogflow capabilities to Salesforce Einstein chatbots

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Dialogflow Enterprise Edition to the Salesforce Einstein Platform. This will enable businesses to create natural conversational experiences via intelligent chat bots that can answer questions and perform common tasks using data—like FAQs and knowledge base articles—already captured in Salesforce Knowledge. By leveraging Dialogflow, customers can extend the power of Einstein and unlock new capabilities, allowing agents to focus their time on solving more complex cases and reducing time to resolution.

Customers can take advantage of new Dialogflow capabilities in Einstein, including:

  • Support for 20+ languages.
  • Advanced natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities powered by Google Cloud AI, including intent match, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and live agent handoff.
  • Consistent experiences across voice and chat support powered by Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Cloud Text-to-Speech.
  • The ability to leverage existing integrations with major telephony providers such as Five9.

Bringing Contact Center AI from Google Cloud to Salesforce Service Cloud

We’re also excited to bring Contact Center AI to Salesforce Service Cloud, a leading customer service platform, to deliver the contact center of the future. Contact Center AI provides agents with real-time insights, surfaces auto workflows to quickly resolve complex issues, and helps businesses improve contact center operations. By bringing together two market-leading platforms, Contact Center AI and Salesforce Service Cloud, we’re able to increase agent effectiveness—resulting in higher revenues and CSAT—while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency through automation. Additionally, customers will be able to take advantage of these solutions without significant integration costs.

The combined Contact Center AI and Service Cloud solution delivers:

  • Live agent assistance, which surface articles and knowledge documents based on real-time interactions so customers get the answers they want, fast.
  • Automatic topic determination, to help agents quickly resolve issues with AI-powered workflows that decrease time to resolution and improve overall customer satisfaction, and provides them with the ability to propose personalized and relevant upsells.
  • Powerful analytics and improved data quality, to help unlock new business insights and see what’s contributing to the customer experience.

Hulu, a leading premium content streaming company, is one of the first enterprises to pilot this joint Contact Center AI and Service Cloud solution. As an existing Service Cloud customer, Hulu will be able to seamlessly integrate Google AI to proactively identify and resolve customer issues, boost agent productivity, and improve data quality and analytics.

“At Hulu, we’re passionate about creating amazing viewer experiences and delivering world class services," said Karen Van Kirk, VP of Viewer Experience at Hulu. "As our business grows, the new AI solutions from Google Cloud and Salesforce will be essential to continue delivering innovative experiences and proactively address our customers’ needs.”

To learn more about the Google and Salesforce partnership, please visit our website

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