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Advance your future with learning sessions at the Government and Education Summit

October 26, 2021
Tia Lendo

Head of Cloud Education Marketing, Google

Mark your calendars. The Google Cloud Government and Education Summit is less than two weeks away – November 3-4. Reserve your spot for the online learning event at no cost.

Organizations around the world are in great need of more workers who have robust IT skills and cloud expertise. The needs in the US alone are staggering. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of people employed in information technology positions will grow by 13 percent over the next 10 years – faster than any other occupation – with 667,000 new jobs created to fill demands in cloud computing, data science, and cybersecurity. And those are just the new positions. It’s estimated that there are currently 1.3 million open jobs in data analytics, IT support, project management, and UX design. 

Whether you currently work in technology and want to see what’s coming next in the cloud, are thinking about a future career in cloud technology, or are an educator teaching our next generation of technologists, Google Cloud’s Government and Education Summit offers free, interactive virtual learning sessions on cloud topics to hone your skills and help you become part of the cloud workforce.

Spend a Day Learning with Google

Day 2 (November 4) of the Summit is devoted to interactive learning sessions led by Googlers and peers. There are three tracks to choose from. Attend all the sessions in your chosen track or mix and match sessions based on your needs so you can get the most of your day of learning with Google.

Track 1: Beginners and Non-Technical Learners

Everyone needs to start somewhere on their journey to working in the cloud. If you are a student, 18 or older, thinking about a future working in cloud technology or someone ready to make a career move, the sessions in Track 1 are for you. Sessions include the following and more:

  • Becoming a Cloud Digital Leader- Learn about Digital Leader, the newest training and certification program from Google Cloud. The program takes you through the core Google Cloud products and services and how they can be used to achieve desired business goals. No prerequisites required.

  • Pathway to Proficiency: Getting Started with Google Cloud - Learn about the Google Cloud Skills Boost platform, the gateway to Google Cloud’s individual learning programs, and how to get free access for 30 days. Tour the curriculum to earn skill badges and get started on the path toward developing cloud-ready skills.

  • Hand-On Lab: Introduction to SQL for BigQuery – SQL is a standard language for data operations that allows you to ask questions and get insights from structured datasets. In this hands-on lab, we introduce you to SQL and prepare you for the many labs and quests you can experience in Qwiklabs to further your education on data science topics.

Track 2: Technical Learners

Are you already working in technology but want to hone your skills?  Are you looking to expand your career options in technology by adding proficiency in cloud topics? If so, this is the track for you. Track 2 is packed with learning opportunities, including:

Track 3: Educators

If you are a technology teacher or faculty member who would like to integrate Google Cloud curriculum into your courses or tap into Google Cloud for your research, the sessions in this track are designed for you. Learn how to help your students advance their cloud knowledge regardless of their skill levels. Sessions in Track 3 feature eight programs, including:

  • Cloud Curriculum in the Classroom – Get your students ready for careers in cloud computing by learning about types of cloud curriculum available to faculty for classroom use.

  • Connecting Your Students with Peer Communities - Join this session to learn about student programming like Developer Student Clubs (DSCs), which help student developers learn globally and work with their communities to solve real-life problems. You'll also learn about student hackathons and more.

  • Funding Research Opportunities – Learn how Google Cloud research credits can advance your research by giving you access to computing power that will make the next big thing possible.

Get in the Game with Cloud Hero

To close out a day of Learning with Google, join us for Cloud Hero, a gamified learning experience. You’ll get hands-on learning about cloud infrastructure and have a chance to show your skills by completing online labs that help you practice Google Cloud skills in real time. Register to let us know if you want to attend this special session. No prior experience required.

*  *  *

Google welcomes all learners to our Google Cloud’s Government and Education Summit. Register for the Summit so that you can watch the sessions live or on demand. 

For additional opportunities to learn with Google, sign up for the Skills Challenge, and get 30 days unlimited access to Google Cloud Skills Boost, the destination for Google Cloud’s individual learning programs. If you are interested in careers in fields like IT support and program management, Grow with Google offers certifications in these highly sought-after disciplines. 

If you are a public sector technology leader or employer in any field, you can connect with skilled cloud candidates and grow your talent pipeline by becoming a participating employer with Connect with Google

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