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Modernized workforce development solutions for our evolving world

February 9, 2023
Brent Mitchell

Managing Director, U.S. State & Local Government and Education

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State and local agencies witnessed how the pandemic transformed the way government works - creating remote and hybrid work opportunities where they did not exist before, digitizing workforce services across the country, and increasing our world’s reliance on technology. These changes continue to impact how our country’s workforce operates today.

As agencies have accelerated their investment in transformative technologies, they’ve seen the need for attracting and retaining top technical talent become even more important. In fact, an estimated 50% of all employees will need to be retrained or reskilled by 2025 as adoption of technology increases. Globally, 69% of employers report talent shortages and difficulty hiring – mainly due to skills gaps – representing a 15-year high.

To help address the talent shortages, the United States is increasingly investing in workforce development – with a particular focus on technology and digital skills. Examples include the recently announced Experiential Learning for Emerging and Novel Technologies (ExLENT), Regional Innovation Engines, and Raise the Bar: Unlocking Career Success programs, which will strengthen education and workforce programs across the country.

Google Public Sector is proud to launch our modernized workforce development solution suite to support state and local workforce agencies and higher education institutions as they tackle the talent shortages and help more individuals build in-demand skills. Our solution suite includes: 

  • Efficient operations tools like automated paper intake processing (Document AI), support workflow automation (Contact Center AI), and scaled translation tools (Translation AI) to help workforce & education partners streamline operations and save time and labor. 

    • The State of Oregon used Contact Center AI to improve its response time to unemployment applications.

  • Personalized and flexible learning and employment platforms to provide personalized learning and employer support at scale through features like a student learning profile, assessment and competency management, personalized tutoring, and job search matching.

  • System-wide data analytics to aggregate data across disparate sources, help partners understand learner trends and needs, and accelerate compliance reporting.

    • Arizona State University is using these analytics tools to aggregate data across multiple sources to gain actionable insights for learners.

Paired with each solution is Google’s industry-leading training to help reskill and upskill students and constituents in high-demand technical fields. Our content is no-cost and covers cloud computing, data analytics, digital marketing & e-commerce, IT support, project management, and UX design

  • The State of Ohio is offering Google training to help residents build in-demand skills at no cost, and Eastern Tennessee State University is training students on Google Cloud to prepare them for jobs at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

To learn more about Google’s modernized workforce development solutions, contact our team.
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