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Beany builds on Google Cloud to revolutionize accounting and financial planning for small businesses

February 9, 2023
John Curtis

Chief Technology Officer at Beany

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Many people start a small business that aligns with their passions, but soon discover the day-to-day running of a business is very different than anticipated. Dealing with accounting, finance, and other daily activities can quickly overwhelm even the most promising of new businesses.

Recognizing the unique challenges facing small businesses, we founded Beany. With our personalized accounting platform, small business owners can relax knowing that we will look after all their compliance and advisory needs. Business owners who use Beany also benefit because they end up freeing more time to focus on what they enjoy and do best—likely the main reasons they started their business in the first place. We prepare financial statements, minimize tax and keep an eye that our clients are paying the right amount at the right time. We also advise on business purchase and sale, valuations and forecasting for banks. In fact, we do everything that a business owner needs from their accountant, including a help desk filled with domain experts to provide free & unlimited advice and support. 

As we expand our team, we’ll continue to introduce new solutions, services, and integrations that make it even easier for small businesses to prioritize business planning, balance budgets, and keep up with ever-changing tax laws. We also plan to launch Beany in new markets and extend our global footprint beyond New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.    

Migrating and scaling Beany

Beany was initially developed and hosted on a virtual private server (VPS) with limited capabilities. As our subscriber base grew, we realized we needed a more scalable, secure solution to eliminate downtime and deliver a reliable customer experience. We also understood it would be challenging for our small engineering team to cost-effectively test and deploy new features without a more agile development environment. 

With that in mind, we chose the secure-by-design infrastructure of Google Cloud to power Beany and help us scale our innovative accounting platform. We now use Compute Engine to cost-effectively create virtual machines (VMs) that automatically select optimal amounts of processing and memory. 

In addition, we encrypt, store, and archive everything on highly secure Cloud Storage, leveraging a combination of solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) for hot, nearline, and coldline data. With Cloud Storage, we can replicate data between regions in under 15 minutes to enable rapid recovery and business continuity. This has been really useful moving images to data centers on the other side of the planet quickly as we primarily operate out of Sydney and London. 

We also connect, create, and collaborate on Google Workspace using Google Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Meet. Beany smoothly integrates with Google Sheets to provide live reporting from our application direct to our sales, marketing and support staff. It also makes sharing account data with our accounting clients easy and secure.

Analyzing financial data with Google Cloud AI and machine learning

Joining the Google for Startups Cloud Program gave us immediate access to Google Cloud credits which we use to cost-effectively trial and deploy additional Google Cloud solutions. We continue to evaluate Cloud Code which will help our developers more efficiently create, deploy, and integrate applications directly on Google Cloud. We’re also exploring how Google Cloud AI and machine learning products such as Vertex AI and AutoML can further revolutionize accounting with advanced financial analyses and end-to-end automation of business processes.

We can’t wait to see what we accomplish next as we grow our team and introduce new services and solutions that enable small businesses to streamline operations, lower costs, and increase profits. It’s exciting to help small business owners manage accounting and financial planning so they can spend more time doing what they love and realize their business vision.

Beany team members

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