This page provides information that you need to know about before using Blockchain Analytics.

New to Google Cloud?

If you are new to Google Cloud, familiarize yourself with the following:

Title Description
Google Cloud essentials Provides quickstarts, tutorials, interactive walkthroughs, technical documentation, videos, and architectural diagrams to help you get started using Google Cloud.
Google Cloud overview Provides a brief description on regions, zones, services, resources (global, regional, zonal), projects, the Google Cloud console, command-line interface, and client libraries.
Google Cloud billing A collection of tools that help you track and understand your Google Cloud spending, pay your bill, and optimize your costs
Manage your Cloud Billing account Provides instructions on creating a Cloud Billing account which is required to use Blockchain Analytics.
Creating and managing projects Provides instructions on how to create a project. Google Cloud projects form the basis for creating, enabling, and using all Google Cloud services including Blockchain Analytics.


Before you can use Blockchain Analytics, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Prerequisite Description
Google Cloud billing account

You must have a Google Cloud account with active billing.

For more information, see Create a new billing account.

Google Cloud project

Create a new Google Cloud project. When you do, be sure to note the project ID and project number. You'll need the ID and number later in this process.

Project IDs must adhere to the guidelines described in Before you begin.

For more information, see Creating a project.


The individual who provisions Blockchain Analytics must have or be granted certain Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions to be successful. For Blockchain Analytics-specific details, see Permissions.

The following tools are helpful for new developers:

Tool Description
BigQuery custom cost controls

BigQuery custom cost controls allow you to create quotas that limit daily query size at both the project and user level.

Vertex AI Workbench managed notebooks

Vertex AI Workbench managed notebooks instances are Google-managed environments with integrations and capabilities that help you set up and work in an end-to-end Jupyter notebook-based production environment.

Managed notebooks instances are prepackaged with JupyterLab and have a preinstalled suite of deep learning packages, including support for the TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks. Managed notebooks instances support GPU accelerators and the ability to sync with a GitHub repository. Your managed notebooks instances are protected by Google Cloud authentication and authorization.

Connected Sheets

With Connected Sheets, you can access, analyze, visualize, and share billions of rows of BigQuery data from your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

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